"Rap is something you do, Hip-Hop is something you live" - KRS-One
Unknown Forrest Gump (feat. Mayson The Soul)
Unknown Paloalto
Unknown Cheers - EP
946 plays
Unknown Paris
Unknown Crucial Star
2,518 plays

Crucial Star - Paris

Unknown 양화대교
Unknown Zion.T
7,838 plays
Unknown 19
Unknown Chamane
Unknown 19
252 plays

Chamane - 19

Unknown 가을냄새
Unknown Verbal Jint feat. Eddy Kim
Unknown 가을냄새
482 plays

Verbal Jint feat. Eddy Kim - I smell Autumn

Unknown 왜 이래 (You Got)
Unknown Jolly.V feat. Melody
Unknown 왜 이래 (You Got)
542 plays

Jolly.V feat. Melody - You got

Unknown 잠이 오겠니 (Album Ver.)
Unknown Molly.D
Unknown A Good Day
396 plays

Molly.D - 잠이 오겠니 (Album Ver.) 

Unknown Oh Lord
Unknown CZA feat. Crucial Star
Unknown Oh Lord
980 plays
Unknown 6 To 9
Unknown 메이슨 더 소울 (Mayson The Soul) feat. Loco
Unknown 6 To 9
380 plays

Mayson the soul feat. Loco - 6 to 9

Unknown Reboot (feat. 긱스, Crucial Star & 테이크원)
Unknown Jay Kidman
Unknown R E B O O T - EP
636 plays